Why is Practice Fusion the #1 Free EMR?

Here are some reasons:

Why Practice Fusion’s Electronic Health Record System?

You’ll immediately appreciate the benefits of using Practice Fusion’s free, web-based solution. Our user-friendly EHR can be activated in less than five minutes, eliminating the difficult conversion process that has become industry standard. Practice Fusion stands out in a marketplace dominated by expensive, complicated and ineffective EHR systems.

With our electronic health record tool, you’ll get:

  • Meaningful use of an electronic health record system. Under the economic stimulus plan physicians who implement EHRs and meet HHS “meaningful use” criteria starting in 2011 can qualify for HITECH incentives of $44,000 or more.
  • More productive practice management. Improve practice efficiency while increasing your team’s security, productivity and quality of care.
  • The highest return on your investment. Because Practice Fusion is free, all the money you saved by not choosing an expensive electronic health record system can be put toward patient care improvements.Join the more than 150,000 medical providers who have chosen Practice Fusion.

100% Free: There are no hidden charges, software costs or support subscriptions.

Web-based: No need to worry about installing software or maintaining hardware.

Live in Five®: You can be up and using the EHR in less than five minutes.

HITECH Stimulus: You can qualify for $44,000 in Medicare incentives.

Secure: Security is our absolute priority. Our EHR runs within a highly secure environment.

Reliable: Our EHR is designed to be available for your practice at all times.

Save Time: Practice Fusion is a comprehensive solution.

Billing: Eliminate paper superbills for good.

Quality of Care: New studies point to the ability for EHR to improve patient quality of care.

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 When you signup, mention ITMedRx to get a discount on consulting rates!

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