Lately there has been much discussion about ICD-10, and ITMedRx wants to assure you that we will be ready far in advance for consultation should you need it.  Just recently, we heard that yet an­other delay was proposed, however, we are proceeding with our readiness phase as planned.  During the month of June we will be testing ICD-10 codes and workflows. We will be communicating with you the tips and tricks we’ve learned, as well as what works and what doesn’t through emails, blogs, and social media.

In the meantime, check out our list of things your practice can start doing now:

Don’t wait until October – what can you do now to help make the transition easier?

  • ICD-10 chapter training.  If you have not already started, start now! Don’t wait!  If you are looking for free resources, please ask us.  Our staff can forward webinar and workshop options as they arise.
  • If you have in-house billers, create and execute a testing plan—Focus exclusively on ICD-10 code testing confirming that interfaces, ETL routines, and applications handle codes when they are supposed to.  Include negative testing (e.g. tests designed to fail)
  • Buy an ICD-10 book.  It will still say ‘draft’ but the updating is complete other than possible emergencies.
  • Sign up for electronic claim submission for every payer possible
  • Move from unspecified ICD-9 codes to specific ICD-9 codes—Run a frequency report to identify frequently used codes that end in .9.  Some are the most specific code available BUT if a more specific code is available, use it!
  • Teach the provider what information they are missing for a more specific code selection – doing this slowly now will reduce questions later!
  • Create a favorite codes “cheat sheet” for the provider and other staff

Follow us on social media to be sure you don’t miss any relevant ICD-10 conversion  information.  If ITMedRx is retained as your full time medical billers, ICD-10 readiness is included in your package at no additional charge.  All others are invited to take advantage of personalized ICD-10 consultations and assistance for an hourly fee.  Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

ITMedRx would love to discuss all of your HIT needs.  We truly appreciate our clients!


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