Kareo, We Simplify Healthcare

Developed with smaller practices and medical billing companies in mind, Kareo’s user-friendly design reduces staff frustration, helps improve your ROI and insures that things don’t slip through the cracks. Kareo is:

  • Easy to use–you’ll be billing in days, not weeks, with Kareo’s quick, easy setup process
  • Easy money–you will collect more money with Kareo using our intuitive claims follow-up process
  • Easy cost reduction–you can significantly reduce overhead with practice automation features such as real-time eligibility verification. According to the AMA, a solo physician practice using and submitting electronic claims could save up to $42,000 per year
  • Easy on the wallet–our plans start at just $69 per month per provider, and require absolutely no setup fees
  • Easy in, easy out–no software to buy or maintain, no long-term commitment, and you take your data with you if you cancel

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