Why should you Outsource your Billing?

We believe that you should be paid for the work you do, let our professional coders get you the highest reimbursements possible.  We will take care of the most time consuming and costly aspect of running your business. We are also experts in quality programs maximizing your income potential, we know the codes needed to get you the highest quality scores and bonuses out there.




Stop spending your time worrying about billing, coding, and reimbursements, let our experts handle it for you!

Put your focus back where you intended, on your patients.


Our skilled billers provide fast accurate filing of your claims and we will handle your revenue cycle management process from beginning to end

Revenue cycle management is the complete process

  • Patient charges at the point of service
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Coding claims
  • Denials
  • Reimbursements
  • Collections


We always follow up on denials and contact the insurance providers for you to correct any issues that might exist

We know how hard you work and want to make sure you get the revenue that you deserve!



Call Us Today to start streamlining your billing and collections process

We will provide a free evaluation of your current system and personalized quote designed specifically for your needs



 (724) 260-6460

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