Managed IT Services

Companies everywhere rely on Information Technologies (IT) to operate their business and communicate with their customers, suppliers, and staff. Having equipment that works appropriately, reliably, and securely is now a business necessity! Downtime from an unreliable system is simply not acceptable. Reliability is essential in all of today’s businesses, from large enterprises to small medical practices.

If employees, customers, and suppliers cannot communicate, it will negatively disrupt and affect the bottom line very quickly.

A new generation of sophisticated tools is now used to provide access, resolve problems, and link every aspect of business operations so information can be available when it’s needed with minimal disruption. These same tools are available to the small business community for affordable, secure, and reliable IT systems operations and management. The coming of age of the Internet as a real-time business tool makes all this possible.

Used correctly, companies reduce costs and overall capital requirements for their IT systems and management, while providing more effective and more reliable IT tools and services to its users and customers. This allows businesses to concentrate on their core business with the peace of mind that their communications infrastructure is in safe hands and operating properly.

What are managed services?

ITMedRx’s Managed IT Services offerings are essentially a means for businesses to enhance their in-house capabilities by using an outsourced Technology Partner.

We offer a number of different solutions based on your business needs, from maintenance contracts for standard system oversight and leadership to a more enhanced “fully managed” service that includes system management, monitoring, and hosting that is customized to individual business needs and in-house capabilities.

We can monitor your systems on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We’ll check your system and backup logs to ensure your systems are running efficiently, and provide reports to authorized personnel. We can also remotely do your day-to-day maintenance, such as tuning application performance and adding/removing user accounts. Our managed services allow our system engineers and IT support team to access and assist you from a distance, and you can request in-person support for hardware maintenance and troubleshooting.

Business benefits of managed services

  • Reduced downtime through pro-active monitoring and fault resolution
  • Reduced costs and overheads as the need for in-house expertise is minimized
  • Fast and flexible on-demand service to supplement internal resources at any time, including migration periods
  • Enhance existing in-house skills to deliver new services or applications

Why ITMedRX?

  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • Remote and on-site professional services to suit your business requirements
  • IT Vendor management
  • IT Security services
  • IT Hardware services
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Reduced costs and a strong ROI against internal services
  • Scalable offerings from a basic break fix to fully-managed

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